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Vocational Alternatives Inc.

Work Site Assessments

A worksite assessment is used to evaluate the suitability of a job and/or the environment for the individual. A worksite assessment typically involves observing the individual undertaking tasks associated with their job where it is safe and practicable to do so. Worksite Assessment findings can then be integrated to match the needs of the employer and their organization to identify whether the individual can manage the essential tasks of the job or, alternately, to identify a suitable vocational rehabilitation program that seeks to improve productivity and satisfaction.

Where a worksite assessment is not possible, a Job (or Physical) Demands Analysis can be undertaken to identify the essential and non-essential physical components of a job. This type of assessment can be utilized along with the results of a functional ability evaluation to determine whether a particular job is safe and/or suitable in keeping with the client’s residual impairment(s). A determination of the physical demands of the job and an assessment of the suitability of the worker to the job can rendered.

All services offered by Vocational Alternatives Inc. include the provision of a custom report for each client. Opinions expressed are clear and concise and endeavour to answer all of your 'questions'.

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Whether your client lives within the Greater Toronto Area, Windsor, or Ottawa, VA Inc. offers flexibility to accommodate your assessments needs anywhere in Ontario and Canada.