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Vocational Alternatives Inc.

vocational - why choose us?

Why choose us?

Why choose Vocational Alternatives Inc?
When a person sustains a personal injury of any kind their life can change dramatically. One of the most difficult and personally devastating consequences of any accident and subsequent impairment is one's inability to function within their pre-accident occupation or line of work and there are often inherent challenges that accompany their displacement and prospective reintegration into the workforce. Injured clients, their insurance companies, employers, and lawyers alike are all left with tough questions to answer as it pertains to residual work capacity.

  • Does my client suffer a substantial or complete inability to perform the essential tasks of their employment?
  • What type of work is my client best suited for based on their residual education, training, and work history?
  • Does my client have the potential to become involved in an alternate mode of work?
  • If there are jobs he or she can do, do opportunities exist in his/her labour market area?
  • What type of retraining if any will my client need to transition to an alternate mode of work in order to mitigate their loss?
  • Where can my client find this training and what are the costs of retraining?
  • Are there vocational rehabilitative support services or programs available that might aid in my client’s successful return to the workforce?

Vocational Alternatives Inc. has earned its reputation as one of the top vocational assessment and rehabilitation firms in Ontario and has been sought out by many referring stakeholders in the field including referring insurance companies, personal injury firms, pain management clinics, employers, and community organizations. It has always been our intention to raise the standard for best practices among vocational and related evaluators and rehabilitation professionals to inevitably offer our vendors and clients alike the highest quality service, the most meaningful, sustainable, and objective opinions, as well the most practical solutions as it pertains to determining one's residual work-related abilities and needs to move forward.

Our team of professionals always strives to accommodate your needs and we hope you will consider our range of services.

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Whether your client lives within the Greater Toronto Area, Windsor, or Ottawa, VA Inc. offers flexibility to accommodate your assessments needs anywhere in Ontario and Canada.