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Vocational Alternatives Inc.

Social Work Assessments

This assessment incorporates and explores the client's physical, emotional, interpersonal and socio-personal factors secondary to their loss. A social worker will conduct a full analysis of the trauma, disability, and resulting disruption of normal life and if deemed necessary will plan a course of social work intervention designed to optimize the client's level of psycho-social functioning and well-being. This assessment differs from a psychological assessment as it considers practical interventions that may extend beyond one-on-one counseling to support not only the client, but their family and significant others in overcoming accident-related issues and challenges.

All services offered by Vocational Alternatives Inc. include the provision of a well documented, custom report for each client. Opinions expressed are clear and concise and endeavour to answer all of your 'questions'.

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Southern Ontario & Beyond

Whether your client lives within the Greater Toronto Area, Windsor, or Ottawa, VA Inc. offers flexibility to accommodate your assessments needs anywhere in Ontario and Canada.